GT6 New Parts List

Chassis and Suspension Body Panels GT6 Trim
New rear Spring.
Rear Lowering Spacer.
Rear Suspension Bolt kit.
Rubber Diff Mounts x 4.
Canely Classics Rotoflex conversion to CV Driveshafts  £500.00.
Rear Suspension bushes Complete.
brake drums x 2.
Brake shoes.
Brake spring kit.
Hand Brake cable.
Prop Shaft UJ,s x 2.

Solid brake Lines.
Goodridge Braided Brake Lines x 4.
Brake drums x 2.
Brake shoes.
Brake spring kit.
Hand Brake cable.

Engine Mounts x 4.
Steering Rack.
Uprated, Rack-coloum link.
Track rod ends.
All Suspension bushes x 8.
front hub steering trunions x 2.
Hub pivot ball joints x 2.
Shock Absorbers x Gaz Adjustable.
Front Suspension springs x 2.
Rear Suspension Leaf Spring.
Front Wheel Bearings x 4.
Front Brake Disks x 2.
Anti roll Bar.
Complete front Suspension Bolt kit.

Fuel line, Complete tank to Carbs.
Fuel tank Sender Seal and locking ring.
Front Outer Wheel Arches
Rear Wings x 2
rear Outer Wheel Arches
Outer Sills x 2
Inner Sills x 2
Sill Strentheners x 2
Sill filler Panel x 2
Sill End cap x 2
Floor Pans x 2
Cross members x 2
Boot Floor
Rear vallance
Rear Light panel
A-post panel x 2

Roof lining
Windcreen seal and trim
Rear Screen seal and trim
Boot lid Seal Door hinge Bolts and gaskets
Windscreen wipper mount bevels, seals and nuts
Windscreen motor mount Strap and base
Door Slam plates
Door cards
Door weather seals, interior/exterior
Rear 1/4 Light window seal
Carpet Set
Gearbox Tunnel
Rear light Seals
Rear Light Bulb holders
dials Glass, bezels seals





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